Technographic Profiling Toool

When you build a persona to represent your audience, you need to delve deep into the characteristics and behaviours of your audience. Do you know what segment of your market contributes to Social Media and what segment simply lurks? Thank you to Forrestor Research for providing this irreplaceable tool.

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Klout tells it like it is

Klout Conclusions

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Curious about Klout?

Using Klout has been more of an experiment than anything else. After maximizing its’ capabilities, I have come to some very positive conclusions.
With Reputation management being hot topic nowadays because of the implications of negative exposure on the web and social media.

Snapshot of Social Media Activity

Klout provides an online snapshot of your brand presence, measures and tracks content activity and overall network distribution.
It tracks interactions with your fans and friends and has become a robust tool that reports on your social media activity and the distribution of your activity across the social media landscape.

Sharing and Tracking

Klout does not dictate how popular I am but rather how smart. Smart enough to share and engage with my fans and provide value to their user experience. As a web by I always think about the user experience.

Attention Influencers

Speaking of user experience. What about Klout Perks? Excellent loyalty program. It gives incentive to people to participate in social media in order to boost their rank to qualify for special perks that are not available to others. It gives you a very personal experience and makes you feel good. IMG_3413

Klout Credibility

Klout will lend credibility to your organization because your rating is directly related to participation levels with the brand ‘s audience.

Finally, a reward for brand penetration into social media.
Just my two cents.

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Privacy 101

Google and Facebook have become a bit like Big Brother from George Orwell’s award winning novel “1984″.
Privacy is at a premium and you need to be informed, Ignorance is not bliss, ignorance is negative exposure and the death of your reputation. It is time to listen up.


Thank you Wordstream for putting this into perspective.

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@equalman defines Socialnomics

What is Socialnomics

There is a very funny youtube video that was shared by Eric Qualman, author of Digital Life and Socialnomics: How Social Media Transforms the Way We Live and Do Business. While visiting his Youtube channel, I came across Eric’s great short video defining what Socialnomics is and why it is important.

Check out the video right here, right now.

Eric is an accomplished writer and expert in his field. I have been following his career and earning from him for over 6 years now. Read Socialnomics, you will understand “new marketing”. Conversation creates conversions.

Here is Eric’s Latest video looking at the Social Media Landscape at large:

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Online Marketing Success

Online Marketing, also known as Web Marketing or Internet Marketing, is undoubtedly the most measurable type of advertising available. After spending years using traditional marketing and advertising campaigns for my employer, I can see the evolution of the industry and how illustrating a “Return on Investment” can make or break a brand. My question is, why isn’t everyone using it?

Perhaps they do not understand the power of their audience.

For any agency to compete online, they have to know their audience inside out. If they venture into online ad-space without the proper preparation, your metrics may skew to the side of failure.

Recently, I discovered Wunderman. Their strategy, process and implementation of demographically driven campaigns is gaining attention, resulting in their recent inclusion in Forrester Research’s report outlining the model of the customer engagement agency in the digital space. The Wunderman-KBM Group customer engagement model can be found within the report: The Evolution of The Customer Engagement Agency – by Forrester Research.

What impresses upon me the most is that I have been teaching this process for almost ten years now. Ask my students, this is how a business should tackle any strategy. Start with the audience and really listen to their needs. If you are interested in a successful approach to target marketing, start with Forrester Research and do your homework.

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